Miller’s Short 6 grass mix is ideal for low or tough to maintain areas. A lush lawn is attainable with the right ingredients and we’ve got them! Extremely drought tolerant and requires no fertilizer once established. Click on any of the titles below for details on each of our seed mixes: > New England Wetmix (Wetland Seed Mix) > New England Erosion Control/Restoration […] The Agway team hand-delivered the 4 large pallets… Read More » Holiday Gift Guide. Mostly forested, the modest amount of open conservation areas require grass mixtures such as “Sweet Savanna” that can thrive throughout all three seasons in sandy conditions to avoid loss of important sand plain areas to pioneering tree species such as scrub oak and pitch pine. We’ve got that, too, along with a complete line of nutrient-packed garden and top soils. Join us in support of local community organizations. The Cape Cod Lawn Mix includes the Cape Cod native grass, Pilgrim Coastal Hairgrass (Deschampsia flexuosa). A mix is generally more adaptable to differing site conditions (shade, full sun, dry, moist). The USDA, thru its plant materials center, managed by the NRCS at Cape May, New Jersey, spent many years developing the ‘Cape’ selection using the comparative observation evaluation process. Wildflowers can be added in year 2-3. Potting Mixes Botanical Interests Fungus & Disease Control the major impediment to successful vegetation on our highly infertile sandy and gravelly soils. Indoor Growing Supplies I am forever grateful to have known Don and shared with him his genius and profound passion for exploring Mother Nature’s secrets. Scotts, Shop Online for curbside pick up, start here. Fencing I live on the Cape(Zone 6 or 7, depending on the map). Rain Barrels Very short (4-8 inches un-mowed) andslow growing, Pilgrim requires sandy or well-drained gravelly soil of low fertility. If you want a ready-to-go kit complete with all of the tools needed, we offer the Root Farm Hydroponic Garden System, paired with the Root Farm Seed Starting Kit. Osmocote What type of grass seeds will grow in sand I live in the upper of Michigan by lake superior. Seed Mixes New England Wetland Plants, Inc supplies native seed mixes appropriate for a variety of different site conditions ranging from wetland/hydric soils to drier more upland sites. Vans ‘Cape’ American Beach Grass was selected out from natural stands on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. However, there is one standout feature in many Cape Cod landscapes that is just about to come into its glory. All are tuft varieties so the lawn does not form a mat. Landscape Fabric The slurry is sprayed on the ground with a high pressure hose which helps it to reach all kinds of terrain, like slopes, that may be difficult to reach. Unlike Kentucky bluegrass, hybrid bluegrass grows actively in mid-summer with minimal or no irrigation, reduced watering avoids Summer Patch and Pythium diseases. We carry Colonial Seed Harmony and Natural Perfection seed mixes that are specifically formulated to adapt to and thrive in the sandy soil of Cape Cod. Ornamental grasses are resilient and tough and will begin to take center stage come August and September. Start Here. For instance, a typical home lawn seed mix may be made up of varieties of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and creeping red fescue. We connect gardeners and growers to help adapt crops to our ever changing climate here on Cape Cod. … We're currently offline. Only mixes containing warm and cool season grasses, can accomplish such seasonal vigor whereby certain species grow in cool soil and air in spring and others in hot dry summer conditions when cool-season species become dormant until fall and a return of cool and moist conditions. … Start nurturing seedlings with seeds, planting trays, a variety of planting mixes, growing lights and fertilizers. Hyrdoponics, the process of growing plants indoors without soil, is another great way to grow indoors during the long New England winter. Green grass starts with high-quality soil and the correct seed for your environment. The Country Garden obliges with seed blends that mix in some rye and blue grass. Green grass starts with high-quality soil and the correct seed for your environment. From initially an area-restricted seed dealer in the Western Cape, Agricol has become one of the leaders in this sector. The Cape Cod Lawn Mix includes the Cape Cod native grass, Pilgrim Coastal Hairgrass (Deschampsia flexuosa). Agway of Cape Cod Donates $15,000 of Pet Food Agway of Cape Cod celebrated the season of giving earlier this month by donating approximately $15,000 of pet food to two local animal shelters, the MSPCA in Centerville and the Animal Rescue League of Boston in Brewster. Preen Our friendly website is here to assist you with all of your purchasing needs. Click here. When it flowers in year two you’ll have to break out the mower. It keeps soil from washing away and helps retain moisture. d by the species in Stabilizer, including flowering forbs for spring-summer-early fall color. Harmony is the ideal mix for low maintenance lawns and windswept coastal expanses. Northeast Grass Mix: The cool, humid climate of the American Northeast is tough on plants, including lawn grasses. Netting Reply. Other people have and they love it! We carry traditional and organic fertilizers from the country’s leading manufacturers, including Agway, Scotts and Espoma. A lush lawn is attainable with the right ingredients and we’ve got them! Bonide We carry. A well-fed lawn is a healthy lawn. Sweet Savanna can act as a more distant sightline as residential properties or golf courses back up to ocean/bay borders or tree-lines in contrast to more formal foundation landscape or primary play areas on coastal courses. Harmony is the ideal mix for low maintenance lawns and windswept coastal expanses. The Pennington One Step Complete Sun and Shade North Mulch seeding mix makes it easier to grow beautiful, thick, water-saving grass that thrives in both sunny and moderately shady areas. We are in need of steps to how to prepare sandy loam soil to lay down hydro grass seed. COATED SEED: This mix is available coated for easy spreading with broadcast or drill seeders. Cape Cod Special Mixture 40% Aztec II Tall Fescue 35% Escalade Tall Fescue 15% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass 10% Blue Bonnet Kentucky Bluegrass Landscape Utility Mix 25% Allaire II Perennial Ryegrass 35% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue 15% Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass 25% Laredo II Perennial Ryegrass Pro Athletic Field Mix 40% Aztec II Tall Fescue The slow steady nitrogen from evenly distributed Micro-Clover™ keeps the turf fed and protected even in hot, dry weather. With proper maintenance protocols and the genetic breadth of “Sweet Savanna” open gr asslands have a better chance offending off invasive weed infestation and establishment of often unwanted woody species such as scrub oak.

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