AB 1845, which passed with strong bipartisan support, without any opposition would institutionalize an improved infrastructural response to homelessness in California. The most significant provisions of the bill are: California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act (AB 2020) Purpose: To encourage recycling and reduce litter. The Building Energy Benchmarking Program requires owners of large commercial and multifamily buildings to report energy use to the California Energy Commission by June 1 annually. It was passed by both houses of the California state legislature on June 15, 2020. Assembly Bill 1253, ... 2020. Housing California, CSH, and 46 other organizations sent a formal request to Governor Newsom encouraging him to sign AB 1845 (L. Rivas/Chiu). Report reviews prior studies and, using current disposal tonnage and exports, forecasts job creation (manufacturing and collection/processing sectors) as a result of achieving 75 percent goal. AB 2017 by Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-South San Francisco) – Employee: sick leave: kin care. In 2013, the CPUC issued Decision (D.)13-10-040 which set an AB 2514 energy storage procurement target of 1,325 megawatts (MW) by 2020. On October 14, 2017 California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 434, which will create a new Government Code section 11546.7 and require, beginning July 1, 2019, state agencies and state entities to post on their website home pages a … AB 2017: California Employees Hold the Sole Right to Designate Kin Care Leave Goldberg Segalla LLP USA November 11 2020 Key Takeaways. California’s new top rate under AB 1253 would be 16.8%, which is a 26.3% increase from the state’s current top rate. Data for multifamily buildings will be released fall 2020. Program goal of 80% recycling rate. Enacted: 9/29/1986: Implemented: 9/1/1987: Beverages Covered: Beer, malt, wine coolers & distilled spirits coolers, all non-alcoholic beverages, except milk. In 2010, the California legislature authorized the CPUC to evaluate and determine energy storage targets, if any, for the State Load Serving Entities (LSEs) through Assembly Bill (AB) 2514 (Skinner, 2010). Assembly Bill 85 (AB 85), which intends to close a gap in the budget created by the COVID-19 pandemic, was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on June 29, 2020. Tags: AB 1400, AB 1748, AB 1768, AB 203, AB 35, AB 355, AB 51, AB 538, AB 547, AB 673, AB 9, new employment laws 2020, SB 142, SB 229, SB 530, SB 688, Stop Harassment and Reporting Extension (SHARE) Act Seyfarth Synopsis: California will soon have a new law requiring WCAG 2.0 AA compliance for state agencies’ websites by 2019. AB 1984 by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein (D-San Diego) – Courts. Data to better understand energy use in commercial properties is available on the Public Disclosure Dashboard. AB 2043 by Assemblymember Robert Rivas (D-Hollister) – Occupational safety and health: agricultural employers and employees: COVID-19 response. This article was updated July 1, 2020. Bernardino-Ontario indexes are on a December 2017 = 100 base and will be published bi-monthly on odd months only (January, March, May, etc.). Additional bills protect the environment, public health SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom today took action on legislation that further advances California’s climate leadership and transition away from fossil fuels. AB 341’s 75 Percent Goal and Potential New Recycling Jobs in California by 2020. AB 793 establishes world’s strongest recycled content standards. AB 341 (Chesbro, Chapter 476, Statutes of 2011) established a new statewide goal of 75 percent recycling through source reduction, recycling, and composting by 2020. State of California

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